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InfraSec Practice

Infrastructure and security engineering (InfraSec) is the practice of building secure, robust systems that are foundational to having reliable applications and services. While infrastructure as code is a core area for this practice, it also involves system design, incident response, and a number of other fields.



  • AWS β€” Our primary cloud provider.
  • Terraform β€” Our primary infrastructure as code (IaC) tool.
  • CI/CD at Truss β€” Guiding stars for building CI/CD, the Truss way.
  • Ansible β€” For when we have to build non-container based images (e.g., AMIs).

Education recommendations​

Things to help you level up your skills.

Useful Repo Templates​

To get you up and running faster, we have created a few template repos. Please feel free to submit PRs and help us stay up to date!



  • Setting Up Your AWS User β€” How to set up your AWS user in the Truss internal infrastructure. You will need the assistance of someone with administrative privileges in our AWS organization to help you.
  • Your First Lambda Function β€”Β A guide to deploying your first AWS Lambda Function with Go and Terraform.



Other topics​