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Editors, IDEs and Debuggers


We don't care which editor/IDE/debugger that you use - it's your workflow. That said, we do think there is enormous value to be had from a well configured working environment that leverages available tooling. For example, knowing how to use some form of debugger will significantly improve your productivity and reduce the daily frustrations of developing code.

In this section you will find overviews of the range of tools to use and suggestions on how best to configure each tool for the situations we most often use them.


List of editors that Truss engineers use (sorted alphabetically):

  • Atom
  • Emacs
  • Goland
  • Sublime Text
  • vi(m)
  • VS Code
  • WebStorm


Sublime Text

  • PackageControl
  • Sublime Language Server
  • EditorConfig
  • JsPrettier (you will need to configure it to auto-format on save)
  • Babel (for JSX syntax--though looking for better option)
  • Git


  • provides a list of vim plugins sorted by how many GitHub dotfiles repositories have integrated the plugin.
  • VimCasts short, bite-sized lessons on vim

VS Code

  • Prettier
  • Path Intellisence