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Learning Resources


As a human, one of the best ways I learn and improve is by reading books. I am more likely to enjoy and benefit from books that are recommended by people I trust and work with.

This directory is intended to be a central place with a list of recommended books (or other media) that makes it easier and more scalable for people to share and discover them.


Being part of the Engineering Playbook, these suggestions may skew towards more technical topics over time, but in the near terms there may be other topics represented here (e.g. "how to teamwork", "how to share mental state", etc) that appeal to a broader base of Trussels who may not consider themselves "engineers".


Reminder: Trussels can use their monthly employee effectiveness budget to get learning materials.

In addition to hard-copy books, there are several options for accessing digital books, audiobooks, videos, courses, etc.:


Online Courses