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When working on a project, it's important to allow time for career growth. Folks will have different levels of experience and will need to explore areas that are not directly related to completing project work.

The experience at Truss is that this exploration winds up benefiting the client in the long run, both through immediate impact (e.g. speeding up tests) and the client getting the benefit of learning that happened elsewhere. Allowing time for growth ensures consistent, high quality work which benefits everyone.

Mentoring is an important part of growth. Truss has shared some techniques for mentoring.

To ensure that growth happens, the time should be built into the estimate for a ticket. From time to time, it will be appropriate to restrict exploration and "just get the ticket done", but that should happen infrequently.

If someone is interested in a topic that is not related to their client work, a separate plan will need to be made. That might involve changing client teams, changing client projects, or joining Truss Reserve.